Running and Gait Analysis at SPORTFIT LAB

Whether you run for pleasure, exercise, or competition, you'll benefit from our scientific Running Form and Gait Analysis service.  Although many people consider running a "natural" activity, very few of us run efficiently enough to prevent injuries and maximize our performance.  At SPORTFIT LAB, our goals are to correct any errors in running form; recommend any changes in footwear that will improve your running biomechanics; and determine which exercises you should be doing to improve your running form and avoid injury.  To achieve these goals, we employ the latest scientific and biomechanical principles, as we go through a comprehensive series of steps:

HUDL Technique Video Analysis - After a brief warmup, you run at your normal speed on our treadmill. [The treadmill can simulate a 5-minute mile and inclines up to 15%]. While you run, we record video of your motion, both from the side and the rear. After completing your run, we review your video together, using stop-action and slow-motion to analyze each component of your technique: foot impact, stride length, vertical motion, hip levels, pronation, etc.

 Fitness and Body Analysis - We also
gather data on your fitness and running history; and your running and/or competitive goals. Finally, we measure your posture, strength, and flexibility to determine how your musculature might be affecting your running motion.

Running Technique Coaching -
We return to the treadmill to help you work on a more efficient motion, whether it's your stride length, your stride rate, your foot position, your body position, etc.

Final Report and Recommendations - Lastly, we follow up with a comprehensive report of our findings, along with our recommendations for technique, exercise, and/or equipment changes. Once you've had a few months to work on implementing changes, we recommend you return for re-analysis, so we can determine if you've reached your goals or still need to make further improvements.

Doug Baumgarten, M.S.
Exercise Scientist


  • Analysis by a sports scientist, not a shoe salesman
  • HUDL Technique video analysis of running motion
  • Stop-action and Slow-motion of each stride component
  • Measurement/analysis of your posture, flexibility, and strength
  • Actual instruction in running technique and mechanics
  • Exercises for improved efficiency and injury prevention
  • Recommendations for running shoes and/or orthotic inserts

"Thank you very much for a great run analysis! I cannot believe how much the lift in my shoe has changed my running. I am back to running, slow and steady, getting my body, legs etc used to the feeling. It definitely feels like a more stable, solid run now. I am encouraged that this is key in my injury prevention." - C.D.

"Thanks for all of your help. The results can only be described as magic....I've taken the new stride and shoes out on my regular loop twice now, and I'm enjoying pain free runs. I still feel awkward, but I'm turning over much faster with a compact stride, and I can now really feel my abs getting a work out. Also my pace improved substantially from about 12 minute miles to 9:30 minute miles." - S.K.

"Thanks Doug!  I found the analysis very helpful in finding my areas of improvement and somewhat encouraging that I am headed in the right direction! I would definitely recommend it." - SG, triathlete 

"Awesome, Doug. I can't thank you enough. You were both knowledgeable and very professional." - JB, triathlete
"The run analysis was super cool and it really provided me with some practical solutions that could help me improve my speed and form....
The end result was a 15 sec per mile reduction over the last time I ran this same distance and course. It also felt easy..." - BK, distance runner

"I was very pleased with the evaluation process. I've already started to stride...and it seems to have helped both with soreness and stiffness factor after the runs and has improved my time." -- M.K., distance runner

Running Analysis Pricing

$165 - Full analysis (60-90 minutes)
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$265 - Package of 2 analyses (to be used within 2 yrs.)

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