Triathlon Bikes & TT Bikes at SPORTFIT LAB

At SPORTFIT LAB, it's all about the FIT -- we will never sell you a bike that doesn't fit your body, your riding style, your size, and your budget.  Start with our GURU Pre-purchase Fitting, then choose from our awesome selection of carbon triathlon and TT bikes.  Whether you do triathlons or race time trials, we have an aero bike to help you reach your goals.  With aero bikes, your position is key -- that's why we offer bikes with varying geometries, so we can fit your body with the right bike.  Our carbon triathlon bikes are selected for their great fit and riding characteristics.  Choose from stiffer, more aggressive bikes for short time trials; or more comfortable bikes for longer or Ironman-type competition.  From $1,400 on up, we have a carbon triathlon bike that will match your goals and desires.  All SPORTFIT LAB bikes come with:

• Free fitting adjustments as long as you own your bike.
• Free TEAM SPORTFIT membership: 10% off ALL bike products and services as long as you own your bike.
• Free saddle rentals: try any seats free, for a full week each, to find the one you like.

See our selection of triathlon-TT bikes below, or call us to schedule a test ride today!  ASK ABOUT OUR BELOW-RETAIL DISCOUNTS ON ALL OUR BIKES.

Orbea bikes
From the Basque country in Spain, Orbea has been making bikes for over 175 years.  Now renowned for their carbon technology and engineering, Orbea bikes are ridden in pro tours and provide a smooth, lightweight, very aerodynamic ride. You can even have your bike custom painted and select the components you want (with no additional charge) at

"I am loving the bike and can't believe how quickly I have settled in with it and become comfortable. And man is it fast!" -- MD, Orbea Ordu M20Team owner

Orbea 2021 Ordu

Ride the bike that pros like Andy Starykowicz ride!
Ordu M20i - The NEW Orbea Ordu is a marvel of engineering.  Orbea engineers have worked in the wind tunnel to reduce drag in every part of the frame, giving you the fastest bike splits you can achieve.  The new Ordu features hydraulic disc brakes by Shimano, built in aero hydration and aero tool box.  The amazing new aerobar has an easily adjustable tower that cuts drage and allows you to choose any height for the aerobars, with a simple adjustment (no additional riser kit or bolts needed!).  The M20i features Shimano's Ultegra Di2 electronic drivetrain, for fast seamless shifting in any position.  It also comes with lightning fast deep-rim Vision carbon wheels.  With Orbea's MyO program, choose your custom colors (and gears, crank length, etc.) for a truly unique experience -- at NO EXTRA CHARGE.  $6999 (before discounts) includes the carbon wheels and all the extras!  Or, step down to Ultegra mechanical shifting for $4999; or up to Dura Ace drivetrain for $8999 (before discounts).

Ceepo triathlon bikes
Named after an ancient Japanese Samurai, Ceepo bikes were founded by Joe Tanaka, a well-known Ironman who wanted bikes that were dedicated to triathlon.  Now Ceepo offers some of the most aerodynamic frames in the world, confirmed by dedicated wind-tunnel testing.  Ceepo frames are designed for both maximum speed and ergonomic comfort in long distance triathlon.  At SPORTFIT LAB, we customize your bike build with your choice of components, so you spend only on the upgrades you need -- and we can ensure perfect fit.  Experience Ceepo speed today!  

Ceepo Shadow

The Shadow - this bike is simply one of the most aerodynamic bikes in the world, testing faster in the wind tunnel than Cervelo. Dedicated to long distance triathlon, this bike is made to make your Ironman (or half-IM) dreams come true.  You can't ride a faster bike than the Shadow, and we can put it together with Shimano or SRAM shifting starting at $6500.  The Shadow comes with integrated food and tool storage for optimum aerodynamics. With our custom build, your Shadow will fit like a glove and get you to T2 faster than ever!

Ceepo Katana

Katana - the Katana offers terrific aerodynamics, with a lighter weight and more nimble handling for hilly or technical courses.  Great for triathlons of any distance, the Katana will climb like a road bike, but accelerate on flats like all Ceepo's.  It's easy to maintain and travel with -- a pleasure to ride and own!  Now available in disc brake form, we can build your Katana starting at $3999 -- and still customize both fit and choice of components.  Make Katana your weapon of choice!

Ventum racing

The offical bike of Ironman, Ventum has taken a radical new approach to bike design.  Rather than tweaking the same old frame designs that other companies use, Ventum imagined what could be done to make a bike more aerodynamic than any before.  The result is the Ventum One, designed from the ground up to reduce aerodynamic drag, with no down tube and an entirely integrated hydration system.  The stiff carbon layup in this bike ensures it is as light and stiff as any bike in Ironman, with the best aerodynamic profile.  Ventum has now added the Ventum Z, which uses less costly carbon and a standard fork to bring the Ventum price into the range of entry-level tri bikes. 

Ventum One

The Ventum One, with electronic shifting, can be ordered in black or stunning Ironman designs -- bottle color is your choice.  With its radical design and aero fork, there is no faster bike.  Yet the Ventum geometry is suitable for almost any triathlete, from age grouper to pro.  Customize your bike with choice of crank, wheels, etc.  Prices start at $8250 before discounts.

Ventum Z

The Ventum Z uses the same wind-cheating frame design as the Ventum One, with slightly heavier carbon and a standard road fork.  It comes in black or Ironman design, with your choice of bottle color.  It can be economically equipped with Shimano 105 mechanical shifting and standard road wheels; or decked out with Di2 electronic shifting and carbon race wheels.  With a comfortable geometry and a low price, this is truly a bike for any triathlete, with prices starting at just $2600 before discounts.

Fuji Norcom Straight
Fuji - Japanese and American technology, merged under Advanced Sports Inc. Designed to be the fastest tri bike on earth, the Fuji Norcom Straight is wind-tunnel tested, winner of multiple pro races under Sarah Haskins and Cam Dye, and yet highly adjustable for the age-grouper.  Click here for video info: NORCOM STRAIGHT Launch         

Norcom Straight 1.1
Norcom Straight 1.3 - This Ultegra Di2 version of the Norcom features hidden brakes, aero stem, deep carbon race wheels and full electronic shifting for only $5290 incredible value in a pro-level race bike!  Dura Ace Di2 version 1.1 is also available for $7000.

Fuji Norcom Straight 2.1
Norcom Straight 2.1 - The same Norcom shape with slightly heavier carbon, aero brakes, and stem -- with Shimano Ultegra shifting AND deep aero wheels for only $3250.  Also available with Shimano 105 package for only $2640.

Blue Competition Cycles
We are pround to add Blue Competition Cycles to our stable in 2017.  Blue has emerged under new ownership, with renewed dedication to speed and riding enjoyment.  With a full roster of pro triathletes, Blue is now among the leading producers of aerodynamically efficient bikes for the ultimate in speed.  At the same time, Blue's geometry is carefully engineered to fit even novices with comfort for all distances from sprint to Ironman.

Blue Triad RWB
The Blue Triad continues as Blue's carbon tri bike for every competitor, from a budget version with Shimano 105 to a pro model with Di2 shifting.  With a slightly taller, shorter geometry, the Triad is a great, comfortable fit for any triathlete.

Blue Elite

The new Blue Elite sets a new aero standard combined with Iron-distance comfort.  Ridden by top pro Ellie Salthouse, this is a no-compromise triathlon machine, already ridden at Kona.  Available Fall 2017.