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Fitness and Athlete Testing - Body Comp, VO2, Lactate

Research has shown that athletes who train with personalized zones, based on lactate, heart rate, and power testing, train more effectively than those using age- or activity-based formulae for training zones.  To reach your maximum potential and achieve peak fitness, GET YOUR PERSONALIZED TESTING TODAY!  At Sportfit Lab, we use the latest techniques and equipment.  You'll be tested by Doug Baumgarten, M.S. in Exercise Science, using the latest and safest testing protocols -- all at affordable prices.  Call today for your appointment!

VO2, Heart Rate, Power, and Respiration Testing

We use CompuTrainer for bike; or SportsArt treadmill for running.  Heart rate, power, speed, perceived exertion, and blood lactate (from small fingertip droplets) are tracked throughout a 20-30 minute endurance test. Maximum Oxygen Uptake (VO2 max.) is often used to measure and compare aerobic endurance fitness; we estimate VO2 max. from your power and heart rate data.  We also use the test data to find your exact FTP (functional threshold power) or threshold speed; and set your personal heart rate zones for training, so you train more efficiently. 

"Thank you so much for a great test experience!  You and Beth were just wonderful!  Thank you for all the results and explanations.  I love having the heart rate zones for my bike rides and they seem to fit perfectly with my ability!" - DF, triathlete
"After doing the test I realized how much I can and should be doing.  I had no idea what I was capable of doing and Beth is now really pushing me. You gave me the confidence and push that I needed." - BE, triathlete

  ♦ Lactate-Power-HR-VO2 Testing - using our Lactate Pro™ analyzer, we directly measure your  blood lactate during cycling or running, for the most scientifically accurate data on your endurance fitness.  You can use your own bike or our treadmill.  This is a 20-30 minute test based on the FaCT Lactate Balance Point protocol.  This gives us a total picture of your aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance ("threshold"), race readiness, and precise training zones.

"...thank you for conducting the test.  I have already used the results towards gearing up my training in my build phase as I prepare for my half-ironman in September.  The difference has been amazing since I have known this information.  I am able to complete workouts at a faster pace....  Having this information readily available has made a huge difference and I am excited to come back in to see if there has been improvements in a few months."

VO2-Lactate testing at SPORTFIT LAB

PRICE - $200

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Lactate Threshold and FTP Testing

For many years, lactate (sometimes erroneously called "lactic acid") was considered the enemy of hard-working athletes, and was blamed for everything from fatigue during competition to soreness afterwards.  It was believed that easy exercise was "aerobic," while intense exercise was "anaerobic," and that those processes were mutually exclusive.  We now know that aerobic and anaerobic processes are BOTH going on during most activities, with your body adjusting them based on the energy demands.

We also know that lactate is neither the major factor in fatigue, nor the cause of delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS).  It is not all bad, and is recycled continuously by the working muscles, liver, and cardiac muscle.  However, as anaerobic energy processes increase -- during more intense exercise -- more lactate is produced, until the point when your body can no longer recycle it all.  That point is the "Lactate Balance Point" or threshold.

Measuring lactate gives us an indicator of intensity of exercise and anaerobic energy output.  From those measurements, as well as power outputs, breathing, and oxygen data, we can assess aerobic and anaerobic fitness, predict fatigue levels, and derive accurate training zones.  Without the lactate test, VO2 only tells us aerobic energy potential; only the lactate test adds data about your anaerobic energy usage and threshold heart rate (and power).  That allows us to most accurately assess performance and set precise power and heart rate training zones.

Lactate Pro™, proven accuracy in laboratory testing


Lactate Testing

$200 - includes lactate test, accurate FTP calculation, HR-training Zones calculation

Lactate Balance Point test - developed by FaCT Canada

Our bike test includes accurate calculation of FTP

Body Composition Testing

Biospace InBody Analyzer

We use the InBody 230 bio-impedance analyzer to precisely measure body fat, lean muscle, intracellular water, and extracellular water content.  Unlike more basic bio-impedance machines -- like the units found at gyms or sold for home use -- the Biospace InBody is a medical-grade unit used in hospitals.  It uses multiple frequencies of electric current and eight separate contact points (on hands and feet) to provide highly accurate results, regardless of weight or activity level.

Even better, the InBody analyzer will tell you the amount of lean muscle IN EACH SEGMENT OF YOUR BODY -- right arm, right leg, left arm, left leg, and torso.  It will also provide an accurate estimate of basal metabolic rate, to help you monitor your caloric intake and output.

     Scientists at Appalachian State University recently conducted tests comparing mulitfrequency biolectrical impedance with hydrostatic weighing (considered among the most accurate methods of body composition testing).  Results on wrestlers showed good correlation and accuracy.  We welcome this further endorsement of our InBody testing apparatus for measuring body composition.

Biospace InBody 230 analyzer

InBody Testing

$40 - One test, including report, analysis, and goal setting.

$100 - package of 4 InBody tests (use anytime within 2 years)