Beginner Triathlete Programs

At Sportfit Lab, we understand the needs of beginner triathletes, cyclists, or runners.  We came to triathlon later in our lives, and have focused on the best methods for building fitness, learning the sport, and getting the right equipment for the job.  Triathlon is FUN -- as well as a challenge -- and we want you to finish your first race with a smile on your face.

We start by interviewing you, to determine your fitness background as well as your goals.  Then we measure your current fitness, using the latest technology to check your heart rates, breathing, and power.  Then we develop a training plan just for you, which will get you to the finish line, without injury -- and without devoting all of your time to training.

Need help with swimming?  We will do a one-on-one swim analysis to determine your strengths and weaknesses, and to teach you proper endurance swimming technique.  Then you can follow up with drills, additional lessons, or group training classes.  You can get goggles, training equipment, and triathlon suits in our fully-equipped shop.

New to cycling?  We will fit your bike for efficient road riding, or fit you (on our GURU Dynamic Fit Unit) for a new road or triathlon bike -- either style can be used in races.  New bikes start at just $750.  Unfamiliar with "clipless" pedals (road race pedals that clip your feet in place)?  We can help you get started, and even give lessons in pedals, bike handling, and race skills.  We also have bikes, shoes, clothing, and accessories to get you started.  Ride safe with lights or even rear-sensing radar on your bike.  Or train indoors on a bike trainer that can simulate road rides.

Looking for help with distance running?  We can analyze your running form, and provide techniques, exercises and tips for better running efficiency.  We will recommend the right running shoes for your style and body structure.  Whether you're training for triathlon or just an endurance run (5k to Marathon), we'll help you get there.

Tie it all together with Sportfit Lab Coaching -- Team Sportfit!  We will build a training program to get you to, through, and succeeding at your next race or event.  From 5k runs to Ironman Triathlons, we have helped many beginners achieve their dreams.  Don't wait -- CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE BEGINNER CONSULTATION.