Custom Road, Touring, and Triathlon Bikes

     Why get a custom, hand-made bike?  First and foremost, a custom bike is built to your exact size and geometry requirements.  Unlike with stock bikes, a custom bike will fit you PERFECTLY from the first day of riding -- without any modifications that could affect the handling or speed of the bike.  Second, a custom frame is a bespoke, hand-built item which can be customized in both construction and finish -- it will look and feel unique, and exactly as you like!  Finally, a custom frame can be outfitted with specific parts and components -- drive train, wheels, etc. -- that precisely match your needs, budget, and riding style.  Unlike with stock bikes, which come with preselected packages, a custom bike will have only the upgrades you need and want.  

     Before fitting for a custom bike, we do a complete body analysis, including measurements, flexibility, posture, strength, and foot analysis.  We follow that with fitting on our GURU Dynamic Fit Unit, which can be set to any riding position, and adjusted AS YOU RIDE!  We evaluate your pedaling efficiency (with optional video and power analyses) and work with your feedback, until we've found your IDEAL RIDING POSITION.  The DFU records your position, which is transmitted to our custom builders for assembly of your dream bike -- it's that simple!  Worried that you may need some future adjustments?...Don't be!  We spec your bike with adjustability in seat and handlebar/aerobar positions, so you'll be able to move to a more (or less) aggressive riding position in the future. 
     Need more information?  Visit the Lab or Contact us today.  For more on each model, click on the photo links below.

"The bike is a dream!  I wanted stiff, light, and fast.  The Guru gives me all that...and now I can keep up with the pack and it's the first time I've been really comfortable - thank you!"  - MT, Guru Photon R

"Just wanted to say that now that I've been riding the bike for a couple months outside I can feel the huge difference its been from my last bike. The fit during the ride is fabulous, the bike is sturdy, fast, smooth...etc. Just fantastic...thank you for that!!" - MS, Guru CR.701
"Wanted to let you know how happy I am with the GURU - got out this weekend during
some nice weather after months on the trainer - what a difference!!" - RS, Guru CR.701

"Thank you so much for all of your help in getting me fitted for the Guru and building it! Eagerly awaiting my next ride! You're right--my new bike rides much more smoothly and is a fantastic fit. It was even easier on my knees.  Obviously, I had a faster and more comfortable ride." - ML, Guru Evolo
"The bike is great...and I have been having a blast!" - JC, Guru CR.501 

Guru CyclesGuru Cycles, of Quebec Canada, is one of most experienced builders of custom bikes.  Their work is very innovative, and they are renowned for the fastest custom triathlon bikes in the world, as well as the new Photon Series of ultimate road bikes Guru CR.901CR.901 - ultimate carbon triathlon bike Guru CR.701
CR.701 - carbon triathlon bike
Guru Photon-HLPhoton-HL - lightest custom carbon frame in the world - 680 grams! Guru Photon-RPhoton-R - stiff, fast, light carbon race bike (only 780 grams!) Guru Photon-SLPhoton-SL - smoother, lighter endurance carbon bike (750 grams of riding pleasure!)
Guru Praemio
Praemio - titanium custom, for road or touring
Guru Sidero
Sidero - steel custom road bike - choose your colors!
Guru XC29
XC29 - custom titanium 29er for trail or mountain

Alchemy BicyclesAlchemy Bicycle Co., of Denver Colorado, has won numerous awards for its hand-built carbon frames.  Renowned for quality craftsmanship, Alchemy builds road, aero, touring, and mountain bikes from carbon, stainless steel, and titanium. Alchemy ArionAerion - the custom AERO carbon road race bike! Alchemy BoreasBoreas - carbon triathlon bike
Alchemy XanthusXanthus - custom carbon road bike Alchemy SkyllaSkylla - stainless steel custom road bike Alchemy Eros
Eros - Titanium road bike

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