Road & Gravel Bikes at SPORTFIT LAB - 2018 models!

At SPORTFIT LAB, it's all about the FIT.  We don't just SELL bikes, we MATCH your body to the perfect bike for your size, geometry, riding style, fitness, and budget -- we will never sell you a bike that doesn't fit you perfectly, in every way.  Start with our GURU fitting service, then choose from our awesome selection of carbon or metal road bikes.  Whether you race, ride for endurance, or just enjoy cycling for fun and exercise, we have a bike to fit your style.  From some of the lightest bikes in the world, to aluminum, titanium and steel, our road bikes are selected for their great fit and riding characteristics.  From $1,000 on up, we will find the bike that best matches your desires.  All SPORTFIT LAB bikes come with:

• Free fitting adjustments as long as you own your bike.
• Free TEAM SPORTFIT membership: 10% off ALL bike products and services as long as you own your bike.
• Free bike saddle rentals: try any seat free for a full week, as often as you like!

See our selection of road bikes below, or call us to schedule a test ride today!

BH Ultralight BicyclesFrom the Basque country in Spain, BH has been making race bikes for over 100 years.  Renowned for ultralight carbon technology, BH bikes are racking up Pro Tour wins  with the Direct Energie team. BH bikes are known for an amazing, supple ride with razor-quick handling.  Every year, BH pushes the envelope of carbon technology.  For 2017, disc brakes have a strong presence (on G7, Quartz, and RX).  BH has also now spec'd high performance Mavic wheels and Prologo saddles on all road bikes.

BH UltralightUltralight EVO - sub-700-gram pro-level frame with stiffness & power - you won't believe the ride!  Climb like a goat without sacrificing stability or comfort. Pro teams use this bike for mountain stages -- you can have the same sub-15 lb. bike for your rides.  It's a supreme lightweight experience!

G7 disc - the new standard in aero race bikes: light carbon, aero, and stiff for razor-sharp handling.  The G7 now sports Shimano hydraulic discs for huge stopping power, control and reliability. Not ready for disc brakes?  Get the G6 aero road race bike - even lighter with aero rim brakes.
BH UltralightUltralight - take the EVO frame, add just 120 grams and subtract $2000 from the price -- you have the NEW Ultralight, with race handling and BH's comfortable race geometry for all-day riding.  Available in Shimano 105, Ultegra, or Ultegra Di2 builds; or get the carbon frameset and build it up yourself. BH QuartzQuartz disc - You won't beleive an "endurance" bike can be this fast, light, and lively.  It's also now safer with disc brakes!  The Quartz has a taller geometry for all-day comfort, yet rigid BB for power.  One buyer said: "I just wanted to say that I love my new bike! It is a fast, smooth, easy ride and the change from my prior road bike is just huge." BH Quartz Elle
RX team Cyclocross - Hard to believe a cyclocross bike can look this good, while delivering speed, grip, light weight, strength, and stopping power!  The RX, ridden by the pros, is an incredible carbon bike with massive disc brakes and all-condition tires.  This could be the only you ever need!

Louis Garneau
Louis Garneau has used his Olympic experience to launch a new line of carbon race bikes.  Raced by the Garneau-Quebecor pro team, these bikes fit with Garneau's legendary quality in clothing and shoes.  Customize your bike with your choice of colors in the Garneau DreamFactory, where your bike's colors are under your control.   We're proud to be one of the first Garneau bike dealers in the U.S. 

Garneau Gennix R1
The R1 - The Gennix R1 is the pinnacle of road race engineering, a perfect balance between sfiffness, aerodynamics, speed, and handling.  Used by Quebecor pro teams in Canada, this bike accelerates instantly, without sacrificing stability or control.  Starts at just $2795 with 22 speeds.

Garneau E1The E1 - The Gennix E1 is a remarkable bike, as it retains the speed and drivetrain stiffness of the R1, while adding compliance and a more relaxed riding position.  Starting at only $2195 with new Shimano 105 11-speed shifting, this is a road bike for any enthusiast.

Kestrel Bikes
Kestrel (from Philadelphia), invented the carbon triathlon bike and continues to push the envelope for frame innovation.  They have applied that technology to two road bikes: the Legend and the RT1000. These are beautiful carbon bikes with aerodynamic elements -- at prices you can afford!  You get light weight, aero tube shapes, and smooth all-day riding in one bike.  For more aggressive geometry, the Legend provides race handling and smooth riding; for a more relaxed position, choose the RT1000 -- which still provides light weight and power.
Kestrel LegendLegend - Kestrel's lightest frame ever, at 780 grams, the Legend is stiff and fast for crits or road racing - without sacrificing a smooth ride.  Getting rave reviews for speed & handling.  This Ultegra Di2 model is only $4650.  Also available in limited edition SRAM Red, Dura Ace, Ultegra, or 105 (only $2100). Kestrel RT 1000
RT 1000 - our best-selling road bike, the RT is a road bike for everyone: powerful, aero, incredibly smooth, relaxed geometry - great for centuries, triathlons, or group rides.  This Ultegra version is only $2430.  Also available in 105 ($2100) or Dura Ace (only $3680) versions, as well as flat-bar hybrid versions.

Fuji bikes
Fuji has been building bikes for 115 years.  Now owned by Advanced Sports (Philadelphia), Fuji produces race bikes for Net-App (men's) and Tibco (women's) pro teams.  Renowned for their value, Fuji bikes deliver race performance at lower prices than competing brands.

Fuji Transonic
Transonic - the newest technology marvel from Fuji, Transonic starred in the Tour de France.  Aero tubes, hidden aero brakes, light & stiff carbon - this bike has it all...yet starts at just $1895.

Fuji SL
SL - an 11 lb. road bike?  YES, with Fuji's latest creation, the SL.  This top-of-the-line model weighs in at 11 lbs. with SRAM Red drivetrain and Reynolds carbon wheels.  But you can get the SL in Shimano 105 trim for just $2000 (also available in Ultegra and Di2 versions).

"Just wanted to give you an update…The bike is awesome!  I hammered 30-ish miles on Sunday, while the wind was tough, the bike performed great.  Wicked fast in the smaller gears. Thanks for all your help!" -- MN, Fuji SL

Blue Competition Cycles
Blue Competition Cycles are famous for their fast and comfortable triathlon bikes, which are ridden by numerous pros.  Now they have added road bikes -- and these are the best value bikes on the market!  Blue's pricing simply cannot be beat, for carbon bikes with light weight and all the features of bikes that cost twice as much.

Blue Prosecco
PROSECCO is a new line of carbon endurance/gravel bikes -- which might define a new category of bike!  Prosecco is designed for comfortable positioning and a smooth ride, on any road surface including gravel.  To increase comfort, the compliant seat stays effectively absorb imperfections of road or gravel.  Yet the light carbon frame provides all the speed you need for road performance.  With disc brakes and clearance for any size tires, the Prosecco gives you all the tools to conquer any ride.  With Ultegra Di2 shifting, and hydraulic disc brakes, this bike is only $2700 -- you read that right!
Blue AndazThe ANDAZ redefines value and performance.  At its heart is a full carbon frame and fork that provide the perfect balance between speed and ride quality. The lightweight, stiff platform delivers a machine that is ideally suited for powering up climbs and spending long days in the saddle.  For the ultimate in precise handling, the ANDAZ features Blue’s race proven geometry.  With full Shimano 105 kit, this carbon bike is only $1100 (no misprint!).