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At SPORTFIT LAB in Herndon, Virginia, buying a bike is personal.  As bike fitters and athletes first, we go far beyond any other bike shop in helping you purchase the best bike -- for your body, your riding style, and your budget.  At most bike shops, selling you a bike - any bike - is the goal...whether or not that bike fits you, or is a good value.  At SPORTFIT LAB, fitting you professionally and scientifically is our highest goal - whether or not you buy a bike from our shop.  In fact, our Pre-Purchase Fitting (on the GURU Fit Unit) includes measurements and recommendations for ALL brands and models, no matter where they are sold.  We don't just sell bikes, we educate each and every customer, so you can choose the perfect bike for your riding needs.  With complete personal attention, we help you choose frame materials (carbon, steel, aluminum, titanium), drive components, seat, wheels, and accessories.

Are you looking for the perfect fit, or a one-of-a-kind riding experience?  We'll send your fit dimensions, riding requirements, and design wishes to our CUSTOM BIKE manufacturers, to build the bike of your dreams by hand, right here in North America.

Perhaps you want a great bike that costs less than full custom -- that's no problem at SPORTFIT LAB!  With our SEMI-CUSTOM BIKE program, you choose from the best-fitting frames, then customize the fit and components with the right saddle, handlebars, stem, crankset, and pedals. Use the Louis Garneau Dream Factory to choose your own personal frame colors.  With semi-custom, we help you "design" the bike you want, with no wasted expense.

A New Concept in Quality Bike Sales

First, we ask that you forget everything you know about bike shops.  At SPORTFIT LAB, we take a new and unique approach to helping you buy the right bike for your body, riding style, and budget. Instead of filling a showroom with stock bikes and convincing you to buy one of them, we start by discussing your cycling needs and fitting you on our Guru Dynamic Fit Unit (DFU) -- to your ideal riding position.  Once we know your goals, your budget, your preferences, and -- most importantly -- which bikes fit you well, we recommend only those bikes -- whether from our shop, other shops, or even online -- that will give you complete satisfaction from the very first ride.  Of course, if you buy one of our high-quality bikes, we include premium services:

Every SPORTFIT LAB bike purchase includes the following:

  • REBATE ($100-200) for Pre-Purchase Bike Fitting.
  • Unlimited Free fitting adjustments for as long as you own your bike.
  • Unlimited free saddle rentals (for up to 60 days), until you find the perfect seat.
  • Free tune-up any time within 1 year.
  • Free TEAM SPORTFIT membership for as long as you own the bike = team discounts on all shop products!

Here at SPORTFIT LAB, your fit comes first and your satisfaction is guaranteed.


CLICK HERE FOR BIKE FITTING INFORMATION & PRICINGVentum OneThe Ventum triathlon bike is here.  Ventum has taken aerodynamics to a new level, offering two levels of triathlon-specific bike: the Ventum One (pro level) and the Ventum Z starting at just $3500.  Featuring the built-in 1.4L hydration module, each Ventum can be customized with your choice of components.  The official bike of Ironman!!


BH Quartz Disc
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Ceepo Shadow
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Guru CR.901

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"I've been very happy with the new [Look 765 Gravel] bike that replaced a 2008-ish Trek ZR220 aluminum frame.... The recommendation for the Look was great. I wouldn't have found it on my own but after the purchase I've compared it to other options I was considering and I wouldn't change the decision."  -- JH, Look 765 Gravel 105

 "First ride.... Bike was awesome.  I know they say it's the man and not the machine but I got 6 strava PRs on the regular route I have done 100 times .... And didn't even think I was pushing it hard.  

So fun." -- BC, BH Aero RC
"I just wanted to say that I love my new bike! It is a fast, smooth, easy ride and the change from my prior road bike is just huge."  KH, BH Quartz Disc
"I took my bike out today and I love it. Thanks for everything!" --
DT, Look 765

"Just wanted to say that now that I've been riding the bike for a couple months outside I can feel the huge difference its been from my last bike.  The fit during the ride is fabulous, the bike is sturdy, fast, smooth.... etc.  Just fantastic...thank you for that!!"  - MS, Guru custom CR.701
"The bike is FAST - really fast!  And I'm more comfortable than I've ever been on a bike!" - CL, Valdora PHX2 tri bike
"I love my bike.  It's been really comfortable and gives me more speed in training rides and triathlons." - MH, Kestrel RT1000

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Why We Sell Bikes
From the first time I watched Greg Lemond win the Tour de France on TV, I've been in love with the idea of bike riding and racing.  Unfortunately, that didn't happen until I was well into my 20's, and living in (at the time) bike-unfriendly New York City.  I was also busy building a fitness business and competing professionally in another sport, squash.  So, my bike riding was restricted to stationary bikes, which I used extensively for training.

Years later, my (now) wife Beth introduced me to road cycling in Virginia, where country roads with rolling hills abound.  By then, Lance Armstrong was the cyclist to watch, so I purchased my first Trek road bike and learned the mysteries of shifting gears, clipping into road pedals, and riding with varying road and weather conditions.  Beth was competing in triathlons, and gradually moved from a road to a triathlon (time trial) bike.

As my bike experience grew, I found that the world of cycling was much larger and more complex than I had imagined.  But my basic love for riding hard -- to feel like the Tour pros I saw on TV -- continued to motivate me.  As I started to dabble in triathlon -- in a vain attempt to keep up with Beth -- I discovered that time trialing is a discipline unto itself, with unique physical and mechanical requirements.

Eventually, a career move gave me the opportunity to combine my passion for cycling with my expertise as a physiologist.  I attended the prestigious Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI) to learn and be certified in bike fitting.  While most attendees were bike salespeople, I was able to apply my knowledge of exercise physiology to the bike.  This gave me an unique and scientific approach to fitting, which I have refined ever since.

To learn more about the mechanical side of cycling, I attended the Barnett Bicycle Institute in Colorado Springs, where I completed an extensive bike building and maintenance course.  That gave me the tools -- literally and figuratively -- to make efficient bike adjustments during fitting, and to recommend the best bikes and parts for my customers.

As my bike fitting business grew to hundreds of satisfied customers, I realized that many cyclists were being sold ill-fitting bikes by large bike shops, where the main goal is volume bike sales.  Most of those shops don't have the time or the expertise to fit or recommend the right bike for each customer.  This results in many uncomfortable cyclists and triathletes -- with bikes that can't always be adjusted to fit them properly.

Finally, I realized that the only way to make sure each cyclist gets the BEST FITTING BIKE, is to sell him or her that bike -- or even have it built to size.  That's why we now emphasize our "FIT BEFORE YOU BUY" philosophy, and offer a range of bike sizes and geometries, as well as custom-designed bikes from the best manufacturers in the business.  Now, you can shop for a bike with the full confidence that it will fit you properly, from the very first ride.  Say goodbye to discomfort, pain, or being left behind in group rides or races.  Say goodbye to making expensive part changes, hoping the next change will turn the bike you bought into the bike you really want.  Welcome to SPORTFIT LAB, where YOUR FIT IS OUR FIRST CONSIDERATION.  We hope you will never look at bike shopping the same way again, and let us be your resource for cycling fun and success.

Doug Baumgarten, Owner and Director