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Believe it or not, your bike saddle can be CRITICAL TO YOUR CYCLING SUCCESS!
The saddle you choose is more than just a matter of comfort: with the majority of your weight on the saddle, it's also important to achieving balance and power.  If you are off-balance or uncomfortable on the saddle, your legs will start to push your buttocks around... hunting for a "better" position; and if your legs (or arms) are involved in balancing you on the seat, they cannot properly pedal the bike -- leading to fatigue, foot problems, cramping, etc.  And you've probably read about the health consequences of cutting off blood flow to your genitals, which can show up as numbness during cycling.

If you ride in aero (triathlon) position, the saddle is even MORE important.  To properly achieve an aerodynamic position, you must be able to tilt your pelvis forward, so you can reach the aerobars without strain.  In this position, your groin is pressed into the front (nose) of the saddle, making saddle fit critical -- especially in the front.  Without the right saddle, you will lose comfort, circulation, aerodynamics, and power.

DON'T ASSUME THAT DISCOMFORT OR PAIN ARE NECESSARY, NOBLE, OR INEVITABLE IN CYCLING!!  Although we all get a little saddle sore after 50-100 miles, you should not be fidgeting in your saddle every time you ride.  If you are -- SEE US FOR A NEW SADDLE!

Saddle comfort is very personal -- no two riders have the same shape of pelvis and buttocks.  Saddle recommendations from friends (or the internet) may be well-intentioned, but are rarely helpful.  Our new Gebiomized Saddle Mapping System can show pressure points and help you find the proper fitting saddle, but we still recommend riding any saddle for several rides before making your final decision.  It takes time (and mileage) to REALLY test a saddle.  That's why we have so many test saddles, and give you a full two weeks to decide.

Now available ONLINE! Visit our ONLINE STORE, select your saddles, and receive them by mail. Test them for two weeks, and get credit toward your purchase! See details and Saddle Selector below. Or call the Lab 1-855-760-1350 for help choosing saddles.

How Does it Work?

  • Stop into the Lab and pick out a saddle (or two or three). [Please call ahead so we can work with you by appointment].
  • Borrow any demo saddle for $15 each per week (up to two weeks). If you decide to purchase a saddle from us, we’ll credit your demo fees (up to $50) toward the purchase.
  • Not sure which saddle to borrow? Try any saddle on our GURU cycle, or bring your bike and try it on our Computrainer ($25/hr. fee).


  • Not local (VA/DC/MD)? No problem: call us (1-855-760-1350) to have one, two, or three demo(s) mailed to you anywhere in the continental U.S., or select from our ONLINE STORE.  Rent one saddle for two weeks: $35. Rent two saddles for two weeks: $55. Rent three saddles for two weeks: $75.  We pay shipping both ways. Then receive $20-55 credit toward your saddle purchase (maximum $70 credit for multiple rentals).
  • Need help choosing demos?  Call the Lab at 1-855-760-1350, or see our handy saddle selector below  ↓
  • Just looking to buy at a great price?  Visit our ONLINE STORE for our selection of Selle SMP, ISM-Adamo, Cobb, Terry, Selle Italia, Fizik, and Koobi saddles.

New Saddles in the LAB!   

German company SQ Lab takes a scientific approach and tests its saddles for pressure and comfort.  We now have their Ergowave Active 612 line in the lab, with a unique cushioning system that lets you choose your cushioning level on each saddle.  

We've added the entire IDmatch system from Selle Italia, whose saddles we've long admired.  Try their SLR saddles for light weight, Flite saddles for a little more cushioning, and women's-specific models.  Flow saddles have a cutout for great genital relief and prevention of numbness.

Selle Italia ID match

Cobb Cycling has been one of our favorites for years.  Now renamed "Speed and Comfort," they've added new road saddles (Tenace and San Remo) that are a little slimmer in the nose, but retain both a cutout and enough rear width for stability.  We think these new saddles will be hits!

Shimano's PRO line is looking awesome, with the new Stealth.  The Stealth takes cues from the Specialized Power, with light weight at an even lower price point.

VO2 cycling has entered the market with a revolutionary saddle shape.  For a unique experience guaranteed to relieve perineal pressure, numbness, and pain, try their Evolve.

SQ Lab Ergowave

German firm SQ Lab takes a scientific approach and tests saddles for pressure and comfort.  SQ Ergowave Active saddles have a pressure-relief section; a deep center depression to prevent numbness; and a shock-absorber under the saddle, with three interchangeable (soft/ medium/firm) inserts.  Multipe widths (130, 140, 150, 160).   One of the most comfortable road/race saddles we have tested!


BiSADDLE - The geniuses at BiSaddle have come up with a solution for hard-to-fit butts: a FULLY ADJUSTABLE BIKE SADDLE!! The BiSaddle can be made wider or narrower, with separate front and rear adjustments; and inserts to change from flat to semi-round to rounded.  This saddle is a marvel, especially for triathletes looking for just the right nose width.  Now available in two lengths: SRT (very short) and EXT (long).  To make BiSaddle demos available, rentals are $5 extra; to test it with the full insert kit, a $100 deposit is required, which is refunded after we receive the saddle (and all parts) back.

Ergon SR Women's Pro
Ergon is another smart German company with the new SR Pro Women's (and men's) road saddle.  This saddle has already been a hit with females looking for just enough rear support, a generous central cutout, and plenty of leg freedom.

Selle SMP F 30
CriteriumSelle SMP F30 and Criterium: the saddle experts at Selle SMP live and breathe bike saddles -- all researched and made by hand in Italy.  Their newest creations are the F30 and Criterium (a.k.a. Kryt3). The F30 is a nod to those riders for whom SMP's wavy shape is too extreme: it's SMP's first flatter road saddle, with plenty of length to be able to move fore/aft on the saddle, and moderate padding.  The Criterium is also a bit flatter; much like SMP's triathlon T series, it has a huge central cutout for blood flow and firm, supportive padding for high speed cycling.

VO2 Evolve 2.2
VO2 Evolve - Very few saddles relieve central pressure, numbness, or blood supply compromise better than the new Evolve 2.2 series from VO2 Cycling.  We are one of the first to offer this saddle, which is a life-saver (or at least a genital-saver) for many triathletes and roadies.  Our demo saddle has 1" thick foam with medium-soft padding, but there are other models: 0.6" padding, firmer foam, softer foam, and the shorter/wider 2.1 model.  See their research here:


Bike saddle selector


Cobb ("Speed and Comfort"):
- Carbon One (no pad; carbon rail)
- SHC 170
- San Remo/Merica
- Tenace
- Randee
- Gen2
- V-Flow, V-Flow Plus, V-Flow Plus2
- V-Flow Max
- Fifty-five

ISM (Adamo):
- PN 1.0, 1.1, 2.1, 3.0
- PL 1.0 (Breakaway)
- PR 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
- PS 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 (new "Road")
- Road

- 232T, 232K
- Fusion
- Classic Si

- Evolve 2.1
- Evolve 2.2 (wider)

SQ Lab:
- Ergowave 612 Active 130mm
- Ergowave 612 Active 140mm
- Ergowave 612 Active 150mm

- SR Pro Women's
- SR Pro Men's

Ritchey: Pro Biomax


Selle SMP:
- Dynamic (min. padding)
- Glider
- Stratos
- Drakon
- Lite 209
- Pro (wider)
- Plus (large)
- F 30 (flatter shape)
- T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 triath.
- Criterium (Kryt3)
- Well (padded)
- Extra (thick padding)
- TRK medium (thick pad)
- TRK X-wide (thick pad)
- Hybrid (MTB/gravel)
- Martin (huge/leisure)

Selle Italia (IDMatch):
- SLR (S1), SLR Flow (S2)
- SLR Superflow (S3)
- SLR Superflow women's
- Flite (L1), Flite Flow (L2)
- Max Flite Gel Flow (L3)
- Diva Gel Flow (L3)
- Man Gel Flow (L3)
- Novus Superflow (large)
- Turbomatic gel flow
- Tri gel (narrow)

Profile Design:
- Tri Stryke (very narrow)
- Vertex

Bi-Saddle (adjustable)
- Shapeshifter SRT (short)
- Shapeshifter EXT (long)


- Stealth 142, 152
- Griffon 142
- Aerofuel (2017 model)

- Arione R1 or R3 Open
- Antares VS
- Aliante VS
- Tritone
- Mistica

Terry women's:
- FLX, Falcon X
- Damselfly
- Butterfly
- Butterfly Century
- Liberator X
- Liberator Race
- Cite X

Terry Men's:
- Fly, Fly Century
- Falcon Y
- Liberator Race
- Liberator Y
- Cite Y

- Zero Pas
- TGale Pas triathlon

Infinity: no cover

Specialized: Romin