Personal Swim Analysis & Instruction

Are you struggling with swimming technique?  Having trouble finding a good breathing pattern?  Trying to increase your speed for triathlon?  "Stuck" at your current pace and pattern?  Or even new to triathlon swimming?   USA Triathlon, USMS, and ASCA Certified Coach, Beth Baumgarten will scientifically analyze your swimming technique and show you how to improve your efficiency and speed!  You will learn the mechanics of proper breathing, stroke production, drag, and triathlon techniques.  All sessions are conducted at Claude Moore Rec Center in Sterling VA (see below for map).

"I got more out of today in our short session than I had by all the swim coaching I have had combined." - SW, triathlete
"Thanks Beth.  Good stuff! Just focusing on the corrections we discussed shaved 4 sec/100m off my workout this morning versus the same workout last Friday." - LB

"Thank you so much for doing my swim analysis....You're mastery, energy, focus, communication and gentleness exceeded my greatest expectation. I can't speak highly enough of you." - JG

"Thanks so much for yesterday's lesson Beth. I'm really excited to finally be on a path to becoming a better swimmer." - MH
"Thanks again for meeting with me - it was immensely helpful!...the tips and techniques that you gave me and my husband [made] an immediate difference." - TS
"I got a compliment yesterday about my stroke...from another deserve a lot of credit...was some of the best swimming I've done...Thanks again for all your patience and help!" - AD

"Thank you very much.  I also can’t thank you enough for the drills, which I will be printing out....  This is exactly what I needed.  It REALLY helps that you explained how each drill helps to improve a given aspect of what I need to work on.  It clicks and is more motivating." - LJ
"It is really helping, I have dropped about 10 secs off my 100 time just from making a few of the tweaks you showed me." - SB
"Thank you so very much, Beth. This is absolutely awesome coaching information!  I feel very confident in moving forward in achieving better swimming technique with your assistance." - BA, triathlete

Swim Assessment and Analysis by SPORTFIT LAB
Video Analysis helps you improve your technique


"Thanks for an incredibly productive session....I feel like I learned 8 hours of instruction in a 60 minute period.  I also left the session charged and ready to try out all my new found skills/drills." -- RL
"I really appreciate your lessons. I was stuck before them, and got more results from the first one than from reading a swimming book or watching videos." - EE
"I learned more in one lesson with you than 6 months with my Masters swim group!" - ES
"Thanks so much for a great swim lesson & video today. You were/are AWESOME!" - JR

You Get All This with SPORTFIT LAB Swim Analysis:

  • Complete one-on one assessment of both your strengths and inefficiencies (one hour in the pool)
  • (Optional) Coach's Eye video analysis and review of your strokes
  • Learn which movements create and reduce drag, and how to improve your streamlining and propulsion
  • Specific drills and workouts to improve technique and speed
  • Demonstration and practice of key techniques and drills
  • Comprehensive post-session report with analysis, drills/workouts, and pictures
  • (Optional) follow-up lessons to help you master new techniques

Swim Lesson and Analysis Pricing

BASIC ($125):                                           

- One Hour Pool Swim Analysis & Instruction
- Optional: Garmin Swim Efficiency Assessment (+ $10)
Couple Price: $85 per person

To order basic analysis, click button below:

(We will contact you to schedule analysis)

ADVANCED ($165):
- One Hour Pool Swim Analysis & Instruction
- Full video motion capture, analysis, and review
- Full Report with instructions for techniques and drills
- Workout plans for correctional drills
Couple Price: $115 per person

To order video analysis, click button below:

(We will contact you to schedule analysis)

Package of 3 personal lessons after analysis......$210
Package of 3 lessons (2 people).......$135 per person

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 Coach Beth emerges from the Potomac at Nations Triathlon

- USA Triathlon Certified

- US Masters Swim Certified

- Amer. Swim Coaches Assn. certified

- Kona Ironman finisher

- IM age-group champion


Beth Baumgarten at Nations Tri    

Swim start, Hawaii Ironman World Championship

Claude Moore Recreation Center

46105 Loudoun Park Ln.
Sterling, VA 20164
Ph: 571-258-3600