All levels welcome for Road, Mountain, Triathlon, or Recreational
Doug Baumgarten - recognized as Level 3 Certified Bike Fitter by IBFI
Whether you ride for pleasure, exercise, or competition, you'll benefit from our certified professional bike fitting services. Unlike most bike shops, SPORTFIT LAB is a dedicated, full-time fitting lab -- we fit you for ANY type, brand, or model of bike -- and we're not satisfied until you've achieved your optimal balance of power and comfort, with no pain, discomfort, or injuries.  Doug Baumgarten, Master Bike Fitter, is a Harvard graduate with Masters in Exercise Science and certification from the prestigious Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI), Slowtwitch Triathlon (F.I.S.T.), and International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI).  With over 8 years of full-time fitting experience on thousands of cyclists, Doug uses the latest scientific and biomechanical principles to fit YOUR bike to YOUR body.  This includes taking your health, fitness, and cycling history, along with your cycling or competitive goals; and measuring your strength and flexibility.  Then we use the best tools to analyze your cycling motion.  DON'T SETTLE FOR "BIKE-SHOP" FITTING -- GET PROFESSIONALLY FITTED AT SPORTFIT LAB TODAY.  


Superior fitting by a sports scientist, not just a bike salesperson:


F.I.S.T. certified

Doug Baumgarten, M.S.

Certified Professional Bike Fitter

USA Cycling Certified Coach

Superior fitting with the most advanced fitting and measurement tools:

Spin Scan power analysis for each leg.

Guru Dynamic Fit Unit (DFU)

SportsMotion video analysis while you ride.
Gebiomized pressure map
Gebiomized Saddle Pressure mapping

THINKING OF PURCHASING A NEW BIKE? Then "Fit Before You Buy" -- our unique system for ensuring you buy the best bike for your body, your budget, and your riding goals.  Simply opt for Pre-purchase fitting on the Guru Dynamic Fit Unit.  The DFU allows you to try infinite cycling positions, simulate the geometry of any bike model from any brand, change seats or other parts, and find your IDEAL RIDING POSITION.  With those measurements, we'll make purchase recommendations from all major brands -- and give you the fit report so you can shop anywhere with confidence.  If you purchase (or order) a bike from our shop, we credit you $100/$200 of the fitting fee (see below for details).  No matter where you buy your bike, we'll do a FREE POST-PURCHASE RE-FIT (with Complete or Advanced Fit) to "dial in" your perfect position, from cleats to saddle to handlebars. Not happy with your saddle? Enjoy our Saddle Demo Program FREE -- get two free saddle rentals along with your fitting (or unlimited saddle rentals if you purchased your bike from our shop).

Introductory Fitting ($150, one hour)

For recreational cyclists or beginners, this fitting will give you a comfortable position and help you avoid injuries.  You'll learn the basics about your bike, gearing, shoes/pedals, wheels, etc.  We analyze your pedaling motion and adjust the bike to fit your body, goals, and fitness.  If your bike needs major refitting, we'll let you know your options before making any changes.*  You also get one free 2-week saddle demo rental.
Complete Fitting ($235, two hours; add $65 for DFU option)

For dedicated cyclists or triathlon bikes, this is a comprehensive fitting: we don't rest until we've analyzed your complete cycling profile and made all the adjustments necessary for perfect fit.  Includes:

     - Riding history and goals
     - Complete body measurements for cycling
     - Posture, flexibility, strength analyses
     - Exercise recommendations for fitness
     - Foot, shoe, and Laser cleat analysis
     - Complete fitting of all components*
     - Complete bike and component analysis, along with upgrade recommendations
     - Aerobar adjustment, etc.
     - Two free saddle demo rentals
     - Final Fit Report with all measurements
Advanced Fitting ($325, three hours; add $65 for DFU option)

For advanced or highly competitive cyclists and triathletes, there is no better fitting available.  We fully analyze your body, your riding position, and your power output to determine the most efficient riding position, which will produce the most speed and prevent overuse injuries.  In addition to all the features of the Complete Fitting, you get:

     - Video Analysis before & after (see below)
     - SpinScan power analysis (see details below)
     - Gebiomized Saddle Pressure Mapping ↓
     - Final Report with video clips and before/after comparisons.

NEW! Gebiomized Saddle Pressure Mapping ($125, one hour; or $60 added to fitting session)    
Buy now >>> 

Not happy with your current seat, or wondering if there's a better option?   Try our Saddle Pressure Mapping.  German scientists at Gebiomized have developed a system that measures pressure in every location of your saddle, while you ride!  Compare saddles, shorts, riding positions (e.g. hoods vs. drops), etc.  Try as many combinations as you like, over one hour.  Then get two free saddle demo rentals to take with you for extended testing - and $25 off any saddle purchase!

NEW! Aerodynamics Analysis with Best Bike Split ($95, one hour; or $60 added to fitting session)

Wondering how much time you can save in a more aggressive position?  Thanks to the scientists at Best Bike Split, we can now precisely calculate your aerodynamic drag, based on your bike position.  Join us for a one-hour aerodynamics session, in which we measure your current position for drag, and model position changes.  We can even calculate time savings on specific bike or triathlon courses!  Now you can find the sweet spot between comfort, biomechanics, and aerodynamic drag -- with scientific precision.


*Any parts added or replaced require purchase.

Pre-Purchase Sizing Fit ($165, one hr.)

Just need to know your ideal bike position and size?  Already looking at specific bikes?  Get our Pre-Purchase Sizing Fit.  We take your riding history/goals, key body measurements, and then work on the Dynamic Fit Unit until you're completely comfortable with your fit - and we're satisfied with your pedaling efficiency.  You get:
     - DFU fitting report and X/Y coordinates
     - SPORTFIT LAB frame sizing guide for all brands and models
     - $100 off any bike we sell ($50 off clearance bikes)
     - $50 off any follow-up fitting
Complete Pre/Post Fitting ($295)
Includes 2 separate fitting sessions:
(1) Pre-purchase DFU fit (90 mins.):
     - Riding history and goals
     - Complete body measurements
     - Posture, flexibility, strength analyses
     - Exercise recommendations for fitness
     - Foot, shoe, and cleat analysis
     - DFU session to find perfect position
     - DFU fit report and bike recommendations 
     - $200 off any bike we sell ($75 off          clearance bikes)
(2) Post-purchase "Dial-in" Fit (60 mins.):
     - All adjustments for perfect fit & position
     - Laser shoe/pedal/cleat alignment
     - Aerobar adjustment, etc.
     - Final Fit Report with all measurements
     - 25% off bike accessories

Advanced Pre/Post Fitting ($365)
Includes Complete Fitting plus:
     - Video motion capture for precise position measurements in pre- and post-fitting
     - SpinScan force analysis of stroke power production
     - Gebiomized Saddle Pressure Mapping
Team Sportfit members receive 25% off any bike fitting service; Premium Team members get all fitting free.
Purchase Discounts: buy your bike at Sportfit Lab, and receive $100 off for Sizing Fit, $200 off for Complete or Advanced Fit.


The Guru DFU allows fitters and cyclists to collaborate, in real time, on finding the perfect riding position for road or triathlon bikes. The DFU is a computer-controlled bike simulator, which allows us to adjust your saddle and handlebar/aerobar positions in one millimeter increments -- even while you are riding!  We can quickly change seats, pedals, handlebars, and even crank lengths to find the perfect geometry, size, and position for each athlete.  Try one position -- the DFU will memorize it. Try another position -- then toggle between the two positions for comparison.  In addition, the DFU is connected to our Lab Computrainer for accurate power data.
Once the fit is perfect, you can (a) apply it to your current bike; (b) shop for the perfect new bike; or (c) send it directly to Guru (or any custom frame builder) to have a custom-built frame built to your size and specifications.
Unlike most shops, we don't restrict your shopping: we'll measure you for ALL brands and models.  We'll provide buying advice for all bikes, and review components and prices to help you get the best value when you buy.

Utilizing HUDL Technique video technology, we record your actual cycling motion in real time -- then slow or freeze it to analyze your body position and joint angles.  Using video is much more precise as we can take measurements from your actual pedaling motion.  We also visually record and compare positions - you'll be able to see how the fitting has improved your posture! Although a few fitters are now using 3D motion capture systems, we believe the 2D system from HUDL Technique provides the same advantages more efficiently and at lower cost.


The Computrainer system allows us to precisely measure your power output (wattage) every second during your cycling motion. We can also simulate hill climbing at any grade, a time trial, or even a specific race course. During fitting, we use the Spin Scan, which displays - in real time - your exact power output every 15 degrees FOR EACH LEG!  With the Spin Scan, we see your power throughout the pedal stroke. This produces a Spin Scan efficiency score for each leg.  More importantly, we can pick up any deficits in your pedaling motion or differences between one leg and the other. Those data can be used to adjust your position for optimum power output. At SPORTFIT, we use the Computrainer Lab model, which is specially calibrated for accuracy and reliability in power measurements.


The Gebiomized system allows you to see, in real time, where you are applying pressure to the bike saddle when you ride.  You can try different saddles, shorts or riding positions -- and we can see how they affect your pressure distribution.  This is important not only for comfort, but for determining your posture on the bike, and how it might be optimized with changes in equipment or positioning.  Pressure Maps can be compared to see how each fitting or equipment change affects your load distribution, and we can better predict which saddle(s) will be most comfortable over long distances -- here is one client's result:
"Oh my gosh! I did a recovery ride on the EVO tonight...and it was my first ride EVER on the road bike where I wasn't in pain in the saddle area!! The saddle Doug found for me seems to be awesome! was amazing to not be gritting my teeth through awful pain! I think the narrowness of the saddle (my other one was significantly wider) makes a huge difference! My hips weren't shifting over it. Doug said it has a bit more cushion too. Also I believe he lowered it a tiny bit or forward a tiny bit... anyway, all the changes seemed to be great tonight! I can't believe it!! I'm so used to a lot of pain on that bike! Please tell him thank you!!!!


The foot-pedal interface is critical to power output.  Complete or Advanced Fitting includes total pedal-cleat-shoe interface alignment, using lasers to analyze your pedaling motion.  We make pedal recommendations and correct misalignments in your cleats.  When needed, we recommend cleat wedges, cleat shims, or customizable insoles to improve alignment, stability, and power output. [Charges apply for these items]


With every fitting, you receive a complete report with all your ideal measurements, exercise recommendations, bike or part purchase recommendations, and handy bike diagram "Fit Key" to make sure you understand all fitting dimensions.



Ride your new SPORTFIT bike position for 60 days; if you're not completely satisfied or comfortable, we'll continue to adjust or redo your fit FREE any time with 60 days.*

*New bike parts may cost additional.


SPORTFIT LAB vs. other bike shops

Bike fitting, at its best, is both science and art.  To perform professional bike fitting successfully, a fitter needs knowlege, experience, and the right tools.  Having a fitting bike (like our DFU) or Retul is nice, but is little help in the hands of an untrained fitter or bike shop salesperson, without knowledge of the biomechanics involved in cycling.  At Sportfit Lab, you will be fitted by a professional -- Doug Baumgarten, M.S. -- with an advanced degree in exercise science, certification in bike fitting techniques from Serotta and Slow Twitch, and extensive experience in road and triathlon cycling.  Doug has studied with the best bike fitters/schools in the U.S., and has improved the power, speed, and comfort of thousands of cyclists -- for road, triathlon, TT, or mountain biking.  

We have both the tools AND the expertise to make your bike riding more powerful and more fun.



"...You gave me a perfect fit and upgrade. Today, I rode 82 miles and almost 6000 feet of climbing without issues I had in the past. Great job Doug! I will recommend you to others."
-- PD, road cyclist
"I've gotten two 2hr rides and two 1hr rides in on the bike with the new fit. I am shocked at how much better it feels. I've been able to stay in aero for at least 80-85% of each of the rides only coming up to drink/do necessary bike handling stuff not because of discomfort. You're a miracle worker!" -- SF, triathlete

"I wanted to thank you again for the amazing fit. I raced the Outer Banks Half Ironman on Saturday and had an 11 minute PR (5:19:08); I ended up coming in 2nd.... My bike split improved by 7 minutes (I went from a 3:07 to 3 hours flat).  I was able to stay in aero about 90% of the race…amazing. And no chafing!! I think I only had to readjust myself on the saddle once. I didn’t think that was possible! What’s even more incredible is how great my legs felt coming off the bike. They felt ‘fresh’… they didn’t feel beat up like they normally would. I didn’t have any back or neck pain either. I was able to hit my stride within a mile off the bike and ended up running a 1:34 half marathon (an 8 minute PR)."
SH, triathlete
"I rode on Sunday and it was like night and day.  I regret not taking my coach’s advice and doing this sooner!  I didn’t have to reposition myself once. No pain or chafing.... I actually felt like I could ride for hours (which is the craziest thing I think I’ve ever typed).  There was a huge difference in my speed. I was easily averaging 1-2 mph faster with little effort.  Oh and my neck/back area wasn’t in pain; I stayed comfortable in aero for the entire ride.  Thanks for all your help. I’m really looking forward to this Saturday’s race." -
SM, triathlete

"I'm extremely happy with the new position. I haven't had any issues or stiffness at all. The saddle has also been excellent. I definitely feel like I have access to more power particularly when I'm climbing."
SG, 28, triathlete
"I rode 80 miles on Skyline Drive yesterday and the bike felt awesome. No saddle sores or chafing. No shoulder pain. And I was able to sit back in my saddle and really power up the hills. So all the changes you made really helped a lot.  I also want to say that your saddle demo policy is really great. I don't think I would have ended up with the right saddle if I hadn't had the opportunity to test ride numerous different styles.  Thank you thank you. You have made me really enjoy biking again." -
JC, former road racer
"My first ride after the fitting: NO PAIN!  I did my normal training loop, usually about 16 mph -- now 21 mph in the rain!  It's almost like I had never really ridden my bike before." --
AE, triathlete

"I took my nicely fitted QR [Tri bike] out for its maiden race voyage last weekend at the Bumpass Intl.  I finished third overall in my AG and had the fastest bike split.  So, not bad!  The fit felt great, and the bike felt fast." --
DE, triathlete
"Amazing.  As soon as I started riding after the fitting, I gained two miles per hour!" --
YB, road cyclist/triathlete
"Went out twice since we met and what a difference. Between the handle bars being raised, new foot position and better posture I am good to go! I had not back pain or foot pain. So excited after yesterday's ride. I'm doing fine with the bike clips too, like I have been using them my whole life." -- PH, novice road biker
"The best decision I made...was to get a bike fit. I did some research...and was impressed with the experience and approach of Doug Baumgarten at SPORTFIT LAB...
so I made an appointment. 3 hrs and many adjustments later, I had a new fit. It felt great. Doug let me go home with a test saddle and longer stem for a couple of weeks to try out and return for some additional adjustments. My experience tells me that this was a true game changer. I had more power on my bike and could run better off the bike. Doug did a fabulous job and I’d recommend anyone to him for a superb bike fit. I now believe that when it comes to riding, FIT IS KING. And to me, Doug is the KING OF FIT." -- TC, Ironman finisher at 10:05 with PR
"I'm happy to report that I cut an hour off my previous bike time....Thank you for all your patience and support and getting me comfortable on the bike." -
KM, IM finisher

"You are the master!  I made it through Savageman 70 without so much as a thought about my left foot.  Your wedge really did the trick!" --
LB, triathlete
"Fit is great! Thank you. Rode 70 last week-end and it felt amazing."  -- JW, road cyclist
"The Fit has made a huge difference: I've immediately noticed my legs feeling fresher, especially when I get off the bike for the run" -- RW, triathlete
"First ride with the new fit: I immediately noticed more "room" on the bike....I was probably ~0.3 mph faster for the first 40-50 miles, riding around 20.2mph, than I've been on the same training rides in recent weeks.  I'm quite comfortable with the lower aero position/angle.  Power generation seems good....Love the [new] seat and instantly felt the pressure relief in the "center spot".  Just sitting on the seat was more comfortable than before.  [Update]: I rode 65 miles...on the IM Maryland course...and felt good at 21.3 mph average (flat!)....Did a short run OTB and the legs felt really good - new position??  I think so." -- TC, triathlete
"...the fit was great and I'm feeling much more comfortable on the ride." -- DH, triathlon coach and elite competitor

"Thanks Doug. I got the bike out today for a quick 25 miles. The new position felt great and I noticed I was about 1 MPH or so quicker on average." -- JM, road cyclist
"...absolutely love my fit- perfection!  Two days after, I went for a ride along my same route on W&OD, and was notably faster and snagged a few KOMs on Strava that I had not been able to before. Just yesterday I had my first race since the fit (Rock Hall Sprint), and clocked the second fastest bike split overall- nearly 26mph on a very windy course!" -- JH, competitive age-group triathlete
"You are a miracle worker.  My bike is awesome." -- PY, age-group triathlete

"Doug, I wanted to drop you a thank you note for my fit last Saturday. This week I was able to put in 4 plus hours on the saddle and I am so pleased to say, no pain, no stress etc. Also the aero adjustment you made seems to assist me too in my back and tension in the shoulders. I have spread the word about SportFit Lab- I am sold!" 
- JR, competitive age-group triathlete
"Just wanted to send you a results testimony after being fit with the Valdora 56 tri bike this winter. You commented that you were amazed that I was able to complete a Half Ironman bike at 19 mph with my former bike and fit. After the new bike and fit I was able to win a local triathlon and the once upon a time 20mph barrier no longer exists. I was able to complete the 116 mile bike at Ironman Chattanooga at 20.1 mph even though I carelessly cross and threw chain when shifting to the little wheel at mile 107. I am thrilled to hit a 12 hour 18 minute pace on my first IM. You were right: "Fit is King".  - AK, Ironman finisher
"The bike fits great! It feels like a completely different bike." 
CC, Cervelo S2 rider
"I can't thank you enough for your help and feel like you've given me my sport back.  The bike is riding great!  I did an 80 mile ride the other day and have done a couple interval workouts.... The most significant issues in my foot and hamstring are dramatically improved. I would grade my previous discomfort in those areas as severe and now would describe it as slight to none.  I was so encouraged I bought my USA Cycling road race license and am registered for my first crit in mid-August." -- BW, road cyclist and racer
"Doug, thank dialed the fit in perfectly. I road [sic] 25 miles last night and it felt great." - SK, triathlete
"Feel a huge improvement in my comfort/ power output on the bike. Have done several 3 hour plus endurance rides + two 1.5 hour muscular endurance rides since the changes and...felt great. The biggest difference has been my run off the bike.  I feel so much more “open” when I run off the bike now.." - MS, Elite age-group triathlete
"!!!!!!!! A w e s o m e !!!!!!!!! I went out and did a 37.9-mile bike + 9-mile run brick tonight. The ride was great. I rode on the typical roads...and my average was 16.7mph. Last weekend, my average was somewhere in the 14's. I was very strong on the uphills as well...
thanks again for your analysis and help today. For the first time in many months, I enjoyed riding my bike!" -
CT, Ironman triathlete
"Bike fits great, thanks!...everything has improved.  My average speed has improved by about 3-4 mph and I feel like my endurance has improved some as well." -- MS, road cyclist

"Wow! I went for an hour and a half ride the day after my fitting and felt totally different. I felt my leg power for the first time! It was amazing." - MM, Road cyclist and triathete
"I did 85 miles on Saturday.... Absolutely felt great -- no pain at all....So much fun to ride without pain. We did climbs, descents, dirt roads, and byways -- one of my best days on a bike. Thanks for what you have done." -- JC, road cyclist
"You Rock!! You did it. I rode 37 mi. on Saturday...the next thing I knew I was at mile 30 and realized - 'hey, no pain!!!!' Yahooo!" - DT, road cyclist
"I just want to say thank you so much for meeting with me! I must say, you're a miracle worker! I went on a 50 mile ride last Saturday and was completely pain free even in aero position!!!! Thanks to you I'm back to enjoying my rides!" - LC, triathlete
"Today's ride of 94 miles was what I call the PERFECT RIDE. If my bike had been a car, it would have been a Ferrari. Right from the start I felt the changes you made on my bike fit. I was so comfortable the whole trip. The biggest difference was being able to ride on my hoods, INCREDIBLE, and my saddle was a dream come true, zero discomfort. Yes, I was tired toward the end but not sore from the bike, just tired from the heat. I had so much more power. I owe it all to you. Thank you for being the sports scientist you are and the consummate professional." - MH, road cyclist
"What a difference. I found a 10% speed improvement but more importantly felt 15 to 20% more translation of my leg power into moving the bike forward." - JC, triathlete
"You are by far the most professional and qualified fitting service: everyone else is just a bike shop selling bikes." - EB, roadie
"I saw a difference on the next day! I rode my regular loop and beat my best time by 2 min (from 55 to 53)." - AO, triathlete
"I'm really thankful for all your help. I am definitely a better cyclist this year and the bike fit was an important part of it."
- BH, triathlon age-group champion.
"I'm liking the new position. Haven't noticed the knee pain at all. Got 50 miles during yesterday's endurance ride and it felt phenomenal!" - SB, road cyclist
"I love my new bike and your bike fit made a whole world of difference." - CH

"Your bike fitting has worked out perfectly for me! I had a great race at the 1/2 IM in Quassy, CT and I feel great on the bike."
- DF, elite triathlete

"I did a 92 mile ride on 3 Sep...and the leg was rock solid the entire ride. This was the first time in years, I could hammer the last 15 miles with confi-dence. On 10 Sep I rode in the Civil War Century. Breaking 6 hours (I can do Seagull Century in 4:30) is a remarkable ride if you are over 50. This year I did it in 5hr 50min and I did all the leading the last 16 miles as the ride leg was solid! First time in the 6 times I have done this! It is really working: I appreciate what you have done to help me." - MF, road cyclist
"The difference in comfort since my fitting is phenomenal.  I was so comfortable today - no knee pain, no neck pain, no shin pain.  Nothing!" -- AH, road cyclist with aerobars
"I went for a 20 mile ride this morning.  T
he seat is...10+  times more comfortable then the original.  The really good news is I had no back pain after the ride. I could actually stand straight."  - MR, triathlete, Cervelo P2